The most essential features to search for when selecting a new cushion are convenience and assistance. Folks are in bed for around 8 hrs a night, which amounts to 112 days a year - so if your bed is unbearable then that's a whole lot of sleep you can be missing out on. Spending in the appropriate cushion can make such a distinction to your sleep and you will feel a lot more stimulated throughout the day after an excellent evening's remainder. Dunlopillo are renowned for creating comfortable bed mattress which transform your bed room into a glamorous 5 superstar hideaway.

The latex technology in Dunlopillo mattresses is just what makes them feel so comfortable and lavish to lie on. Dunlopillo take a natural and man-made latex mix and transform it into latex foam pre-owneding the Talalay production procedure. A Dunlopillo latex mattress supplies withstanding assistance thanks to the extensive testing processes every Dunlopillo mattress experiences. A cushion which matches your body likewise helps a restful rest considering that it means that you could quit thrashing and simply loosen up in bed.

Dunlopillo bed mattress features

Dunlopillo cushions have a range of features makings them a clever option for obtaining a relaxing and comfy evening's sleep.

  • Assistance for neck and back discomfort - if you experience from a bad back or neck discomfort then Dunlopillo mattresses are an excellent solution, as the latex offers specific support and moulds around the curves of your physical body form.
  • Hypoallergenic - Dunlopillo bed mattress are hypoallergenic as they are made from latex so they are an ideal option if you endure from allergies or have respiratory problems such as asthma.
  • No springs - unlike typical cushions, Dunlopillo mattresses don't have spring seasons which could break and jab via the mattress area even after simply a number of years.

-Remain awesome - the method Dunlopillo mattresses are designed means that the latex in them is open cell, enabling the cushions to offer outstanding breathability. The design also includes a ventilated interior which assists to eliminate any type of wetness and keeps your cushion fresh.

-Dunlopillo cushion guarantee - when you acquire a Dunlopillo mattress it will certainly be protected under a 5 year assurance whereby Dunlopillo will mend or replace your cushion free of charge if it is damaged as a result of flawed products or bad workmanship.

What Dunlopillo mattresses are offered?

Dunlopillo UK produce a complete assortment of latex bed mattress to suit all requirements. Dunlopillo Firmrest bed mattress are ideal for people who choose strong support when they sleep and are a great option for individuals that struggle with a bad back. Dunlopillo Firmrest also features Enhanced Moisture Management Technology which improves air circulation and helps to keep you cool on an evening making it the best mattress for warmer weather condition. The Dunlopillo Memoir mattress is an excellent option if you like an extremely comfy and indulgent feel from your bed, as it showcases a soft-touch stretch cover and an included layer of latex foam.

Ensure you have a look at the complete selection of Dunlopillo bed mattress offered so you could decide on the right one for your demands.