Zero gravity recliners are deservingly enjoying the limelight, and people from all over the globe are trying to experience the “out-of-the-world” comfort sitting on it. By now, you should know, you are destined to find a zero gravity recliner as per your expectations. Anyone, who learns about the benefits and the heavenly comfort a zero gravity recliner offers, would want to buy one at the earliest.

Now, with so many products of various specifications to choose from, it can be intimidating, if you are purchasing these chairs for the first time. We have handpicked some of the essential tips for you. Consider this to be your ultimate zero gravity recliner buying guide.

Ensure the Chair has Zero Gravity Features

Ensure the chair has zero gravity features Unless you can sit in the zero-gravity position, you will never experience the much-needed “relaxed” feeling. There are some inferior products, providing only a few reclining positions. Understandably, such chairs will never fulfill your expectations. Before selecting a zero gravity chair, make sure it has multiple reclining positions.


Surely, you will not buy zero gravity chairs regularly. Once you become habituated sitting in these chairs, it will undergo rigorous use. Unless the chair is durable, it will soon crumble owing to such increased usage. Check its metal body and framework; preferably go for an aluminum chair which is much sturdier than any other in this category.

Simultaneously, aluminum frames resist rust development, which is essential if you extensively use the chair outdoors.

Outdoor Chairs must have a special coating and a Canopy

The adventurous souls might want to experience the bliss of zero gravity position while camping. They need to ensure these recliners have a powder coating metal finishing. Understandably, outdoor chairs withstand the harsh sunlight or rains, it can develop rust very quickly. The special powder coating will resist the various weather conditions, and you can use them for years.

A number of zero gravity chairs come with a canopy. It is indispensable to safeguard you from the weather elements. In our detailed reviews, you will find several such recliners. Be sure to check their features for more information.

Locking System

The locking mechanism needs to be spot on to get that weightless feeling. Furthermore, a lot depends on how the locking system works to give you an accurate reclining position. Inferior quality chairs with poor locking mechanisms can be vulnerable to pressure. It can even lead to unfortunate accidents.

Present-day, zero gravity chairs are available in two locking mechanisms, the single and double lock. It goes without saying you should go for the double locking version for maximum protection.

Some zero gravity recliners come with plastic locks. Understandably, the longevity of plastic locks will be limited. Preferably, select the chairs with metal locks. Lastly, avoid chairs in which the locking mechanism is too complicated.

Additional storage space

We reiterate, once you sit on the zero gravity position, you will seldom want to leave the comfort soon. Wouldn’t a side tray and cup holder make your time merrier? You can enjoy your favorite drink while resting on the zero gravity position.

Of course, many recliners offer support of attaching these accessories, but preferably, if you get to hold a recliner that comes with the side tray and cup holder, go for it.

The Quality of the Fabric

Again, when you are planning to get the weightlessness experience outdoors, the fabric quality plays a significant role. You cannot possibly sit on a chair for a long time when the sun is blazing down, and the fabric does not offer UV protection. Chairs made of synthetic fabrics will make the experience less enjoyable.

Inclusion of Headrest and Pillow

It is all about maximizing the comfortable experience and the inclusion of a headrest and pillow is just what the doctor ordered. Like the side tray and cup holders we mentioned earlier, many zero gravity chairs offer support for headrests and pillows. But, you would do better buying a chair includes them for saving your precious time and effort.

The Handle matters

As you can see, we are mainly focusing on the zero gravity recliners for outdoor use. Most individuals will enjoy sitting on these chairs on the beach, or in an outdoor camp.

Avoid going for chairs with metal handles. It will heat up in no time under the sun, and make it unsuitable for sitting. Preferably, select chairs that come with plastic and wooden handles.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Chances are you find a zero gravity chair where all the features mentioned above are present. However, every chair has a different weight carrying capacity. Additionally, your height is also another aspect to consider.

If you are not comfortable sitting on it, and are bulky, buying any zero gravity chairs will not be a pleasurable experience. Look for the oversized zero gravity recliners. These chairs will sustain additional weights, and also conveniently adjust tall people.

Additional options to consider :
Nowadays, zero gravity chairs come with massage options. Additionally, these chairs come with a host of other options. For your buying convenience, we elaborate on these products also.

  • Massage and Heating Chairs: Some zero-g chairs enhance the relaxation experience by offering human touch massaging and heating functionalities.
  • Basic: If you do not want to stretch the strings of your purse, the basic zero-g chairs that do not require much maintenance can fit the bill.
  • Large Chairs: Is it hard for you to spend time without chatting with your best buddy or a family member? No worries, the large chairs are here for you that can accommodate multiple users for enjoying the weightlessness feeling.
  • Modern Variants: Gadgets are dominating our lives, so wouldn’t you love futuristic chairs that have support for mobile charging or USB ports? The modern zero-g chairs offer these amenities, be sure to check them out if you are a gadget freak.
  • Expensive: In-arguably, for some people, money is secondary. They are more inclined about their health parameters and ways to keep it in perfect shape. Some of the expensive zero gravity chairs can serve the purpose. They tick all the boxes, increased functionalities, durable, and offers a host of health benefits.
  • Style and Color: Yes, the primary role of these chairs is to enhance your physical well-being. But, that does not mean, you have to compromise on its looks and style. Consider the chair to be the latest addition in your furniture realm. You will surely find a recliner that complements the décor of your home.

Zero gravity recliners will understandably cost more than regular chairs. Depending on the features you go for the price will differ. Rest assured, there is a product awaiting to fit in your home if you follow this guide.

Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Recliners – Reviews & Comparisons

Worldwide, there is one issue to which everyone is finding hard to deal, tension and stress. The zero gravity recliners claim to relieve us from the ill-effects of stress. With a wide array of products self-proclaiming to be the best in the market, the task of getting your hands on the right product becomes more intimidating and overwhelming.

But the good news is; now we have got your back, as you have landed on this web page, maybe after lurking around here and there. We have gone the extra mile for you in researching and reviewing the best zero gravity recliners.

Top 10 Zero Gravity Chairs (Ranked on Performance)

Le Papillon Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
1] Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Weight : 24.3 lbs
Dimension : 43 x 22 x 21
Weight Capacity : 350 lbs
Adjustable Reclining position and comfortable design


(paid link)

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair
2] Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Weight : 18 lbs
Dimension : 36 x 26 x 45
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs
Dual finger tip locking system


(paid link)

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair
3] Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair

Weight : 37.4 lbs
Dimension : 38 x 26 x 9.5
Weight Capacity : 250 lbs
Adjustable padded headrests


(paid link)

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity
4] Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity, Armrest linkage system

Weight : 217 lbs
Dimension : 49 x 20 x 13
Weight Capacity : 440.9 lbs
Bluetooth, LED, 8 massage back rollers


(paid link)

Giantex Zero Gravity Patio Chair
5] Giantex Zero Gravity Patio Chair

Weight : 38 lbs
Dimension : 26 x 40 x 45
Weight Capacity : 220 lbs
Adjustable headrest, can sustain any weather conditions


(paid link)

Human Touch Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner
6] Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-420” Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner

Weight : 160 lbs
Dimension : 43 x 31 x 47
Weight Capacity : 400 lbs
Recline lever, built from wood


(paid link)

Le Papillon Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
7] Le Papillon Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Weight : 23.1 lbs
Dimension : 38 x 27 x 6
Weight Capacity : 330 lbs
Locking system and removable headrest


(paid link)

Lafuma Futura Recliner
8] Lafuma LFM3120-6893 Futura Recliner

Weight : 18.1 lbs
Dimension : 28 x 38 x 8
Weight Capacity : 330 lbs
3-Layer Comfortable seat pad


(paid link)

Goplus Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair
9]Goplus Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Weight : 36 lbs
Dimension : 37 x 25 x 10
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs
Foam-filled pillow


(paid link)

Artist Hand Big Capacity Zero Gravity Heavy Duty Outdoor Folding Chair
10] Artist Hand Big Capacity Zero Gravity Heavy Duty Outdoor Folding Chairs with Snack Tray

Weight : 18 lbs
Dimension : 37.5 x 25.5 x 6
Weight Capacity : 350 lbs
UV resistant materials and water resistant. Adjustable reclining


(paid link)


Le Papillon Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

1. Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

We tested several zero gravity recliners. The Timber Ridge XL zero gravity lounge chair deservingly earns the top spot. It packs all the ingredients you desire in a patio recliner. After sitting on it, you will feel so comfortable that you will not want to sit in any other chair. The padded seat, coupled with the elastic bungees at the back with an adjustable pillow, is pure bliss.

We could not help but appreciate the robustness of the product. Furthermore, you can extend it up to 72 inches. The chair can also sustain weights up to 350 pounds, and also for the taller individuals. Appearance-wise, you will appreciate the wood-look finished arms. The metal frame is built from a powder-coated frame, and it withstands the elements with elan.

It has the potential of lasting for many seasons if you handle it properly. Preferably, you should not expose the chair to extreme sunlight to resist the chances of fading. Folding and storing it is easy, so make sure you do that after every use.

It hardly came as a surprise, as the high ratings and appreciable reviews of satisfied customers are over-pouring on the places where you can buy this chair. Try it out; you will not find a better zero gravity recliner.


✅ The recliner is very portable.
✅ It is made of durable fabric; thus, it is easy to clean.
✅ Set up and folding the chair is comfortable.


❎ The size of the chair makes it difficult to squeeze through narrow passages.
❎ It lacks the accessories to let you take it on a weekend tour or camping.


Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

2. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

This Zero Gravity chair tops the list for its ability to recline and its affordable price. Yet, at such a low-price, you will get a satisfying experience while lounging in it. You will relish the time you spend sitting on this recliner when you are outside. It offers all the comfort you expect, but tall people would find it hard adjusting. Chances are, their feet will go beyond the footrest.

The recliner is massive, even when it is folded. So, portability can be a challenge. However, setting it up is a breeze. This zero gravity lounge chair is durable and can be your faithful companion for stress relief for years. The double bungee system, along with the durable fabric, ensures the chair will serve you for an extended period. The adjustable headrest that you can move down for supporting your lumbar works very well.

As you can see, the chair is not very portable; you can use it for a deck or any other place where it does not require being moved. Despite the fact, this chair is not the ideal choice for your outdoor expeditions; its low price and simple design make it the best option. The positive reviews and high ratings illustrate that most people are satisfied with this product.


✅ Strong and comfortable.
✅ The fabric of the recliner is durable.
✅ The affordable price.
✅ It includes a dual fingertip locking mechanism.


❎ The chair is unsuitable for overweight and tall people.
❎ It is not portable.


Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair

3. Best Choice Products 2PCS Zero Gravity Chair

This zero gravity lawn chair is one of the best for your lounging comfort. The robustness of the chair ascertains you can depend on the chair for many seasons. It can be your perfect companion when you are outside and basking in the sun. The UV-resistant seats made from mesh materials guarantee ultimate comfort for you.

The manufacturer has gone the extra mile to enhance the comfort level. These chairs come with adjustable headrests. Furthermore, the replaceable elastic cords let you set the chair up within a few seconds. After using it, you can fold them conveniently. Since these are lightweight, you can always carry them to the places you intend.

The chairs are equipped with holders for supporting cups, magazines, drinks, phones, or any other useful things that you may require. After sitting in the chair, you can quickly get into a zero-gravity position. You could not have asked for a better way to relax your stressed muscles and improve blood circulation. The elastic cords we mentioned above can adjust the chair depending on their body size.


✅ The chair is easy to set up, no assembly necessary.
✅ Extremely portable.
✅ The cup holders and tables for additional convenience.
✅ Elastic cords for supporting various body sizes.


❎ The footrest distance is short.
❎ Not ideal for tall and overweight people.
❎ The chair is unusable during rains.


Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity

4. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity, Armrest linkage system

Usually, massage chairs are expensive. However, here you get a zero gravity rocking chair that also doubles up as a massage chair that is less pricey than the conventional ones. Thus, we could not help but include it in the list. Yes, it is still costly than the regular zero gravity chairs, but it is undoubtedly worth your money.

Along with the zero-gravity experience, it also comes with four preset massage programs. You can use the remote control for massaging the various parts of your body. It also lets you adjust the reclining position based on your body size — additionally, the footrest sports roller massagers. You can get the ultimate relaxing experience when you sit on it.

Once you look at the chair, you will realize it is very robust and has the potential to make you feel comfortable. It is made from high-quality materials and ensures extra durability. The dense padding of the chair, promises to make your experience pleasurable. The chair comes with wheels for easy transportation. The inclusion of 50 airbags deserves mention. These integrated airbags help target the core areas of the body, thus providing the optimum level of satisfaction. The specially designed armrest linkage system promotes blood flow and circulation.


✅ The price is lesser than most zero gravity massage recliners.
✅ It is made of high-quality and durable materials.
✅ The product comes with a  3-year warranty.
✅ The four preset massage programs for optimal satisfaction.


❎ Assembling the chair can be time-consuming.
❎ The inability to create customized massage programs.
❎ Lacks the body scanning feature, so it cannot adjust the frame width or height.


Giantex Zero Gravity Patio Chair

5. Giantex 3PCS Zero Gravity Patio Chair

Here comes another zero gravity rocking chair, that boasts of extreme durability. It is made from Textline fabric, which is not only weather-resistant but offers more ventilation than any other material. It can withstand any type of weather conditions without running the risk of fading or getting damaged. Undoubtedly, it has to be one of the best patio zero gravity recliners for you.

For added convenience, the product is available as two chairs and one table. Needless to say, it makes an ideal platform for couples to spend some good moments together. The affordable price will also make you happy. The padded headrest and its ergonomic design guarantee the best level of comfort. Just lock the chair to the predetermined zero gravity angle and have a relaxing time.

The frame of the chair is made from steel and promises to last for ages. As already mentioned, the recliner is water-resistant, and you can enjoy it regardless of any weather conditions.


✅ Ideal for outdoor use, as the chair is made out of weather-resistant fabric.
✅ It is available in three pieces, making it perfect for couples.
✅ Locking mechanism to adjust the zero gravity position as per convenience.


❎ It does not support the weight of overweight people.
❎ If not used properly, the knobs of the chair can get loose.


Human Touch Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner

6. Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-420” Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner

Moving on to the next zero g chairs, we have the “PC-420” recliner. The recliner is expensive, all right, but it will guarantee ultimate comfort. The zero gravity recliner is the best choice for relaxing your body and mind. The product is the brainchild of experts and has all the bells and whistles for keeping you in the best of health. Incidentally, Human Touch zero gravity massage chairs are the only products endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic, for the sake of patients suffering from back pain.

PC-420 comes with a neutral posture, positioning that evenly distributes your body weight. As a result, it helps alleviate the pressure points of your body. Additionally, the zero-gravity seating lets your lungs expand and enhancing the breathing procedure. For attaining the zero gravity position, the chair features a smooth recline motion. The upholstery looks elegant and stylish. It is sure to attract many eyeballs when you place it in your living room. Its dense memory foam padding embraces your body perfectly. The manufacturer of this zero gravity recliner uses tensile steel for the frame. It ensures the product will serve you for many years. You also have a wide array of choices for choosing the type of recliner based on your preference.


✅ The durable and stylish design.
✅ Multiple recline options.
✅ The best product to relieve back pain.
✅ The adjustable lumbar support provides excellent comfort while sitting.


❎ The product is costly.
❎ It is devoid of the features like sinking or rising; it can only recline.


Le Papillon Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

7. Le Papillon Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Apart from the product we discussed above, our primary focus is offering zero gravity recliner reviews that are affordable. Le Papillon zero gravity lounge chair is one of them. You can expect the best features, accompanied by high-quality design and style. Presently, it is the best budget-friendly zero gravity recliners available now.

The standout feature of this chair is the removable cushion. Simultaneously, it comes with extra padding that ensures much-needed comfort. You are free to use it even during the winter months; the fabric offers the warmth you need during the cold conditions. Likewise, during the hot summer months, the same breathable fabric will keep your body fresh.

There are straps for holding the cushion, and it makes attaining the zero gravity position more convenient. If you desire, you can also remove the cushion and use it as a standard zero gravity chair. Almost anyone can use the chair, as it supports weights up to 330 pounds. The length breadth and width is just perfect for accommodating everyone. It includes a locking system for stabilizing the chair and a headrest for a satisfying lounging experience. It does not require any assembly and is also foldable, which makes it easier to store.


✅ The washable and removable cushion.
✅ The breathable fabric makes it perfect for use in all seasons.
✅ Foldable and does not require any assembly.
✅ The wide seat.


❎ The locks can be somewhat challenging to handle.
❎ Similar zero gravity recliners support weights up to 350 pounds.


Osaki OS-4000T Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair

8. Lafuma LFM3120-6893 Futura Recliner

Lafuma is an established brand and has been around for quite some time. Their zero gravity chairs are considered the best in the business. Thus, the Futura Recliner understandably has all the ingredients to become your favorite anti-gravity chair. Firstly, the acupuncture-inspired design ensures ultimate comfort, and the unique style makes it a prized possession.

You can sit on zero gravity position anytime, anywhere, and eliminate the excess strain on your spine and improve your breathing and blood circulation. It includes generous padding for added comfort and providing the best possible relaxation. The chair is transportable; you can take it to any of your favorite locations.

The breathable seat pad also makes sure; you are always cool regardless of the weather condition. The HLE steel frame makes the seat robust. The ergonomic design, with foldable leg, adjustable headrest and footrest, rightfully earns the reputation of a good zero gravity recliner. Whether you prefer relaxing on the deck or patio with some of your good old friends, this recliner is all set to become your ideal companion.


✅ The product is durable and is very comfortable.
✅ It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
✅ The 3-layer padding system.


❎ It is expensive compared to the other zero gravity recliners.
❎ Oversized people can find it hard to sit on it.


Goplus Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

9. Goplus Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

How about getting two zero gravity lawn chairs at the price of one? With the Goplus outdoor zero gravity chairs, not compromising with quality, expect to eliminate your stress while talking with your friend beside you. The chair features sturdy aluminum seats and steel legs. The product is ideal for carrying weights up to 300 pounds and yet is very lightweight.

Take the chair with you wherever you want, without hassle. It is also super easy to fold, which makes it all the more convenient for transportation. It also comes with cup holder trays where you can place any small items, including cups. You can also convert the detachable headrest to a back pillow by sliding it down. It offers the best lumbar support for addressing issues like back pain.

Some zero gravity recliners are unable to support taller people. This chair, however, has the correct length-to-width ratio to accommodate people over six feet. The full and curved armrest lets you rest in the most comfortable position while reclining. It goes without saying this is one of the best zero gravity lounge chairs for you.


✅ The breathable seat makes it suitable for use during summer.
✅ The cup holder tray can store small essential items.
✅ It is easily transportable.


❎ Unless you add extra cushions, you will find it hard to use during winters.
❎ Rainwater can rust the frame pretty quickly.


Artist Hand Big Capacity Zero Gravity Heavy Duty Outdoor Folding Chair

10. Artist Hand Big Capacity Zero Gravity Heavy Duty Outdoor Folding Chairs with Snack Tray

Our last anti-gravity chair is ideal for those looking for a budget-friendly product without compromising on the comfort level.  Your quest ends here, as the name suggests, the heavy-duty zero gravity chair is the best solution Weighing only 18 pounds, it is one of the best zero gravity recliners for basking the outside weather.

The UV resistant material offers protection to the seat and back of the chair from the harmful sunlight. Still, you should not expose it to the sun for long else it will fade the color. Remember, the product is UV resistant but not UV proof. Then you have a seat made of mesh material, making it resistant to water. When sitting outside, if rain plays spoilsport, the recliner will dry very quickly.

Unlike the other zero gravity chairs, this one offers square tube support at the corners. Thus, making it stable and robust, you get the convenience of placing the chair at any surface of your liking. Another feature that deserves mention is the reclining angle of 90-150 degrees that guarantee the best relaxation for your back.

For the ease of different users, this zero gravity chair is available in two different seat widths, 19 and 22 inches, respectively. The chair is ready for use as soon as you unbox it. Yeah, you guessed correctly, it does not require assembly. Go and grab this sturdy zero gravity chair having a good weight carrying capacity, and bid adieu to your problems related to health.


✅ It is available in 2 different seat widths.
✅ The reclining angle of 90-150 degrees ensures they relieve from back pain.
✅ It is easy to fold and portable.
✅ The product is sturdy and can be used for an extended period.


❎ The cup holder tray is of inferior quality.
❎ There are no available color options.
❎ People with wide hips can find it challenging to accommodate in the chair.


An Overview of Zero-Gravity Recliners

As the name suggests, these anti gravity chairs, do not defy gravity. However, these recliners work owing to the position they can assume. It mimics the posture of astronauts. Thus you will find yourself in a satisfying and relaxing state of equilibrium. When you sink on a zero-gravity recliner, the body suspends in a position where the effect of gravity is nil, distributing your body weight evenly across the chair.

If you are not aware, the zero gravity technology is the brainchild of NASA. As mentioned earlier, the astronauts take this position when visiting on space missions. After sitting on the zero gravity chairs, you can elevate your knees while your back starts to recline until the heart and knees line up.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners:

  1. The health-experts unanimously agree the zero gravity position is the healthiest way of sitting. It does offer relief from stress and back pain by relieving the spine, vertebrae, and joints of additional pressure. Here are the overall health benefits of these recliners in a nutshell.
  2. Even for healthy individuals, the position helps them to improve airflow and blood circulation. Consequently, it helps reduce joint pains and enhances breathing.
  3.  Obese individuals, surrounded by a wide array of health issues, can find relief with these recliners. Individuals suffering from chronic health conditions or auto-immune diseases can find a medium to enhance their life with the help of these recliners.
  4. Those who have arthritis will find the recliner very useful.
  5. Lastly, the gravitational pull puts a strain on your vertebrae. When you sink on the zero gravity recliners, it guarantees reduced stress.
  6. Gravitational pressure is one of the primary causes of back and neck pain, and the zero gravity position will melt away all the stress.