10 Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

We guess the name zero-gravity in our daily lives needs no introduction. Yet, for the unversed, we can assure, you are not going anywhere in a mission on a spaceship. The implementation of the zero-g mechanism offers a host of health benefits. If you are unsure, whether you should invest in a zero-g chair, we believe, you will have no hesitation in deciding after learning about their benefits. So, without much ado, let us dive in.


The concept of zero-gravity relates way back in the era of the ’60s. NASA initiated the procedure of sending astronauts into space. However, those astronauts soon started experiencing health issues. NASA was determined to overcome the adversities and conceptualized the zero-gravity mechanism and the unpleasant health experiences got reduced. The said concept exists in the recliner chairs.


Of course, you will not find yourself wandering in the space after sitting in the zero-gravity chair. However, mimicking the zero-gravity position of the astronauts will let you feel weightlessness leading you to reap health benefits in the following way:

The position will distribute your body weight evenly resulting in less gravitational force in specific areas of the body.

  • Precisely, the zero-g chair aims at elevating your legs over the heart level, this position is also called the Trendelenburg position. Consequently, it enhances the valves present in the veins and ensures smoother blood circulation.
  • Nowadays, zero-g chairs also come with massaging properties. It offers a dual benefit. First, being in the zero-gravity position you are nullifying the excess gravitational pull. Second, as you receive massaging it further opens up the valves in the veins for better blood circulation.


Your first impression of the zero-gravity chair will hardly boost your confidence. However, its looks do not define its functionality. You ought to try it out and get on track for the following health benefits.

1. Improve your posture

Most of us suffer due to the long hours of sitting at the office workstation. Zero-gravity chairs work by improving your posture. Scientific studies documents this success, as less gravitational force on the spine works incredibly for improving the posture.

2. Relief from back pain

Again, our sedentary lifestyle soon makes us vulnerable to lower back pain. Sitting on a zero-g chair understandably takes off the pressure from the lower back. Gradually, the chronic problem becomes non-existent. Even people who have been suffering for ages are benefiting by using a zero-g chair.

3. Regulates high blood pressure

Remember what the doctor told you after diagnosing your high blood pressure? You should stay calm and relaxed as much as possible. The zero-gravity chair inflicts that much-needed relaxation and “feel good” factor. We already mentioned, zero-g position promotes blood circulation. Therefore, high blood pressure remains manageable.

4. Reduces anxiety and stress

The zero-gravity massage chairs work miraculously in combating stress and anxiety. Researchers are continuing to find interesting results that encourage using these chairs. After sitting in a zero-g massage chair, you will experience the stress levels are dropping. It stimulates the endorphins present in the body and lets it cope with stress and pain efficiently. So, as you can see, these chairs are also indispensable for offering relief for the mind.

5. Relaxing sore muscles

The modern-day lifestyle tends to overwork our bodies. The results are obvious, stiff, and sore muscles. In such situations, people find it hard to relax. The zero-g massage chairs deliver the odds and take care of such muscle soreness. You will experience bliss when the massaging is underway and you are reclining.

6. Enhances the blood circulation

Earlier, we already touched this point. Here, we elaborate on it. That these chairs include the mechanical massage feature and the ability to let you experience weightlessness is its main USP.

The massaging techniques come with features like tapping, gripping, rolling, shiatsu, and kneading. All of these techniques target specific areas of the chair which in turn provides a relaxing effect on the body. The overall result is an enhancement in the blood circulation. By improving the blood circulation, you can expect quick recovery from injuries, and eliminate toxins from the body.

7. Boosting the immune system

Most of you might be experiencing the zero-g chair for the first time. So, it is advisable to increase the sitting period gradually. To make you aware, recent studies reveal, sitting in a zero-g massage chair for 45 minutes tends to increase the lymphocyte production. To make things easier to understand, lymphocytes refer to the white blood cells that play a key role in restraining the body from various diseases.

8. Organize the lymphatic circulation

Consider the lymphatic system as the drainage network of the human body. When it works accurately, it maintains the fluid balance in the body properly. Additionally, it safeguards the body from various infections. To sum it up, it is the drainage system that collects the waste products present in the body and handles it accordingly.

Interestingly, the lymphatic circulation does not get the pumping support from the heart. The heart helps in circulating the white blood cells only. Lymphatic circulation is mainly dependent on muscle contraction and breathing. As the body receives the massage, it helps the lymphatic circulation greatly.

9. Overcome headache and pains

Headaches have also become a common companion for most of us. The zero-g massage chairs work incredibly in reliving from this chronic issue. As the body continues to receive the massage there is a drastic fall in the cortisone levels and an increase in the serotonin levels. Serotonin is responsible for relieving pain and promotes relaxation.

10. Improves flexibility

Lastly, the zero-g massage chairs provide a key role in improving the overall flexibility of the body. It becomes possible as they successfully combat specific health conditions and promote overall wellness.

Now, that you know about the all-round benefits of zero-gravity chairs, you will be looking forward to ordering one soon and rejuvenate your health.