An Overview of the Various Types of Recliners

Considering that a significant number of health-care specialists are emphasizing on using recliner chairs, you must be looking to purchase one. It might appear, buying a recliner char is easy, but you need to pay attention to certain aspects. While attempting to browse the various recliner chairs, you will come across a wide array of choices. Modern-day recliners will offer functionalities like rock, lift, and massaging apart from reclining

Ideally, you should be eyeing a recliner that takes the load off your back after a hard day’s work. In this guide, we have covered everything that should make the buying experience well-situated for you. So, let us kick off by introducing you to the various types of recliners.


The traditional recliners are typically two-position chairs. It is prevalent all over the world. It is widely acclaimed too. The functionality is simple; you need to push a lever button which in turn releases the back of the seat into a downward position. Meanwhile, the footrest goes upwards. Traditional recliners are bigger in size and can take up to 3 feet of space for enjoying the full functionality.


The functionality of a power recliner is identical to that of the traditional recliner. The notable difference with the traditional recliner, it uses a power button that electrically reclines the chair to the angle suitable for your comfort. Power recliners, are more versatile as you can control them conveniently.


As a child, our mothers extensively used the rocking chairs and the rocker recliners follow the same functionality. Generally, the rocker recliners recline on arched tracks that allow them to rock forward and backward. Such reclining chairs are very useful for individuals who can’t help themselves falling asleep owing to the comfort of the rocking motion.


The glider recliners follow the footsteps of the rocker recliner while functioning. The notable difference with the rocker recliners, it does not move on an arched path, instead, it uses a linear path.


The push-back recliners are devoid of both a lever and a power button. As the name suggests, after sitting on it you need to lean back by exerting pressure on the back of the chair. Presently, these recliners are increasingly becoming popular owing to their mesmerizing looks. Since it does not come with buttons or levers it looks like a traditional armchair when you are not reclining.


Currently, swivel recliners are also in high demand. These recliners operate with the help of a circular base. Understandably, it lets the chair not only recline backward and forward but also swivel in left and right. Owing to the full range of motion, the swivel recliners are becoming more preferable over the regular recliners.


The lift recliners are tailor-made for elderly people. Usually, it is inconvenient for them to use traditional recliners. Getting out of these chairs is a touch asks for them. As the name suggests, the lift recliners operate on a lifting mechanism that pushes the chair to an upright
angled position from a flat position. Similarly, returning to the normal position is equally easy. The doctors recommend the use of lift recliners also for individuals who have suffered an accidental injury, having problems in their knees, legs, and hips.


Along with some of the recliners we mentioned earlier, the massage recliners are fast becoming a unanimous choice among individuals. These reclining chairs offer a host of benefits that include deep relaxation, reducing the blood pressure and pulse rate, and enhancing the metabolism. What more, the massage reclining chairs mimic the human hand motions identical to that of a professional massage therapist. These recliners operate with the assistance of a number of massage rollers and airbags.


Does the lack of space prevent you from investing in a reclining chair? Presently, many of us live in small apartments, which make it challenging to accommodate the spacious reclining chairs. Wall-hugger recliners can help you conserve space. These recliners are visibly straighter than the conventional recliners. You can press it directly against a wall, thus it
uses lesser space to operate. Expectedly, these wall-hugger recliners lack the diverse range of motions. Still, these recliners boast of a resting position which makes it convenient for you to get in and out of the chair.

Now, that you are familiar with all the prevalent reclining chairs, you can order the one that best fits your requirements.