Zero Gravity Outdoor Chairs and Recliners – Reviews & Comparisons

After the busy and long weekend, you would love to spend some quality time to unwind. Zero gravity outdoor chairs can be the best option to relax and rejuvenate. Undoubtedly, you will feel a lot refreshed and feel ready to lock horns with the office work.

These chairs can also be great fun for camping or relaxing on the beaches. It is all about picking up the one that suits your specifications. This guide aims to help you make the right decision for finding the best zero gravity outdoor chairs.

The Top 7 best Zero Gravity Outdoor Chairs: (Ranked on Performance)

Infinity Zero Gravity Chair
1] Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Weight : 19 lbs
Dimension : 36 x 26 x 45
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs
Extra wide, lumbar support and headrest


(paid link)

Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner
2] Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner

Weight : 20 lbs
Dimension : 37 x 5 x 25
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs
Weather-resistant, durable, headrest and lumbar support


(paid link)

Most comfortable Zero Gravity Adjustable Reclining Chair
3] XtremepowerUS Zero Gravity Adjustable Reclining Chair

Weight : 25 lbs
Dimension : 26 x 38 x 10
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs
Foldable, robust, comes with a adjustable pillow


(paid link)

Best Choice Zero Gravity Chairs
4] Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs

Weight : 37.4 lbs
Dimension : 38 x 9.5 x 26
Weight Capacity : 250 lbs
Adjustable pillows, easy setup and recline


(paid link)

Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
5] Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Weight : 18.5 lbs
Dimension : 35.4x 25.2 x 43.3
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs
Affordable, durable fabric


(paid link)

Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair
6] Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy and Side Tray

Weight : 27.9 lbs
Dimension : 36.6x 44.8 x 30
Weight Capacity : 360 lbs
Available in two wide variants, side tray and pocket for storage


(paid link)

Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
7] PHI VILLA XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Weight : 24.5 lbs
Dimension : 36 x 30.5 x 5.9
350 lbs
Entirely padded, portable and relaxing


(paid link)


Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

1. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

For comfort seekers, Caravan Sports Infinity can be an ideal choice. You can enjoy sitting on it while relaxing in the backyard, at the beach, or watching your favorite game. The chair is worth the attention, as it offers heavenly comfort that too at an affordable price.

While you sit on it, these exquisite camping chairs will reduce the pressure on your back and neck. As you know, even sitting for prolonged hours can trigger painful conditions. You can count on this chair to overcome such situations. It offers both head and lumbar support and is incredibly easy to carry.

The caravan comes with additional width; you can stretch and unwind as much as you can. Love your pet? Not an issue at all, it supports weight up to 330lbs for both of you to enjoy the outdoors. Presently, many zero gravity chairs can be painstaking to attain the proper reclining position.

But, this chair is an exception; the dual fingertip locking system lets you achieve the best reclining position in minutes. Surely, you will not get such a robust chair for back pain. Whether you bask in the sun or enjoy the beaches, the durable outdoor fabric ensures, the chair will last for years. Furthermore, the double bungee system suspension and the high-quality steel frame are also a bonus.


✅ It comes with an adjustable and padded lumbar support and headrest.
✅ The dual finger locking system for reclining and locking.
✅ Setting it up and folding is very easy.
✅ The fabric material is of exceptional quality.


❎ The armrests lack padding.
❎ Some people may find the bungee cords to be too tight.


Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner

2. Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner

While reviewing the various zero gravity chairs, we were thinking of multiple professions where people need to sit outdoors for an extended period. For example, those who look after construction sites, or even those who do jobs from home, can get tired. Outsunny zero gravity recliner can be your companion. Not only will it help you unwind, but you can also conveniently carry it outdoors for camping, or use it as a pool or patio furniture.

The zero gravity chair is made from high-quality materials. Thus, it will last for an eternity providing the best value for your money. Outsunny offers features such as an adjustable pillow, which you can utilize as a headrest when you decide to doze off for some time. Similarly, you can also use it to support your lumbar.

The UV-resistant breathable mesh materials ensure the chair will not lose its colors any time soon. The breathable mesh area accompanies an elastic cord, and it lets you adjust the chair depending on the body size of the individual.

Like all the top-quality zero gravity recliner chairs, Outsunny also comes with a locking mechanism. So, you can conveniently lock when you decide to recline. The powder-coated steel frame is very lightweight, yet it can withstand the rough weather like the scorching sun, rains, and even snow. Older adults at your home will find carrying the chair very convenient. Add this zero gravity leather chair in your wish list; you will not regret the decision later.


✅ The chair is weather-resistant.
✅ The breathable mesh material can last for several years.
✅ Locking mechanism lets you recline at stay at that position as long as you want.
✅ The adjustable headrest and lumbar support.


❎ It lacks the support of a side tray or cup holder.
❎ On rare occasions, the locking mechanism can be difficult to operate.


Most comfortable Zero Gravity Adjustable Reclining Chair

3. XtremepowerUS Zero Gravity Adjustable Reclining Chair

Yes, zero gravity reclining chairs do help you relax. But you will also agree, if you also get the opportunity to spend time with your loved one while reclining, it would leave an everlasting impact. So, if you want to keep problems like back pain, leg pain, neck pain, at bay along with your partner, XtremepowerUS is the zero gravity recliner should be your choice.

This zero gravity recliner is sold in a pack of two chairs. So, hold the hand of your spouse, girlfriend, or anyone you love and enjoy sitting on it outdoors. The chair reclines to various angles, so you are all set to get the much-needed comfort. Setting it up is secure, and so is carrying it. The adjustable pillow also contributes to making it more comfortable. The chair is also available in a wide variety of colors.

The chair is made from highly durable materials, and it will serve you for several years. The manufacturers also provide a side tray for holding cups, cell phone slot, and removable headrests. The best thing, the chair is budget-friendly


✅ Easily folds and does not take much space for storage.
✅ A side tray is a convenient option.
✅ The fabric is durable, and the overall construction is robust.
✅ The adjustable pillow offers additional comfort.


❎ It may develop rust.
❎ The locking system tends to be fragile sometimes.


Best Choice Zero Gravity Chairs

4. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs

We come up with another zero gravity chair that is sold in pairs. It is evident; many people prefer such pairs instead of a single zero gravity recliner. It is up to you to decide after evaluating the features of the Best Choice chair and the one discussed above to make a call.

As you can expect, Best Choice recliner chairs serve the same purpose as the high chair, and you will love every bit of it. The one we are talking about features mesh fabric, that is weather-resistant. When you recline in the zero gravity position along with your partner, you will relish the feeling.

It seems, all those manufacturers who are emphasizing on selling these recliner chairs as a pair, do not want to compromise with the comfort factor. Best Choice chairs also come with a side tray to let you keep a drink, phone, or any other useful thing. It also includes an adjustable pillow. One of the striking features of this pillow, it is not much thick so you can get the best comfort that you seek.

The chairs are foldable, so transporting or storing them is never going to be an issue. The replaceable elastic cords take care of fitting almost people of all sizes to the chair. Go for this zero gravity chair for back pain with your friend and spend some quality time outdoors.


✅ Adjustable and removable pillows provide extra comfort.
✅ Elastic cords are replaceable and let people of all sizes fit in.
✅ Reclining and setting it up is a breeze.
✅ It is foldable and easy for storage and transportation.


❎ The metal frames tend to hold water.
❎ The customer support is not the best.


Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

5. Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Here is a zero gravity chair that lets you enjoy the weightless position without requiring pinching a hole in your pocket. The sitting area is made from Textline mesh, and the frame boasts of both aluminum and steel tubing. What more, you can also pick up the preferable variant from a wide array of color choices.

The chair has the much desired reclining feature, being a zero gravity product, but it does not quite recline the way some of the other models in this genre do. Yet, considering the price of the chair, it does a decent job. Again, the pillow for headrest is not much thick, and we guess the price factor again comes to play here.

This zero gravity chair is ideal for individuals who are of medium height. Tall people will find it hard adjusting to it. The armrests also justify what we just mentioned, as they are not as comprehensive for taller individuals to sit comfortably. Nevertheless, at this price, it is a steal for people of medium stature.

You can use this zero gravity chair outdoors but with caution. It does not offer the weather-resistant features or UV-protection. So, if you must, remember to cover it after use while sitting in the patio or any other location.


✅ Comfortable for average-height people.
✅ Affordable price.
✅ It can support up to 220lbs.
✅ The fabric material is durable.


❎ Not for tall people.
❎ Supporting tubes can be fragile.
❎ The armrests are not much full.


Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair

6. Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy and Side Tray

Bliss Hammocks zero gravity chair will delight those who love to relax outdoors. It equips an adjustable canopy and a side tray for added convenience. Now, you can recline at any location without having to look for sun-protection.

The side table that comes with it is made of durable plastic. Thus, it can efficiently hold all the useful things close by. The zero gravity chairs also sport a side pocket. You can store a phone or your favorite book in it.

While checking out this zero gravity camping chairs, we noticed another astounding feature. The developers of the chair have designed the chair in slim and wide versions. So, you have the option of buying the 26-inch wide or 31-inch wide variants. It can sustain the weight of overweight persons with the utmost ease.

If you love relaxing outdoors, the Bliss Hammocks zero a gravity chair is a good option. Furthermore, the tons of positive reviews from customers make it a unanimous choice. So, go check this out, and have a great time camping or relaxing in the backyard.


✅ Very comfortable and relaxing.
✅ Robust but lightweight.
✅ The inclusion of the side tray and pocket for storing things.


❎ Price can fluctuate depending on color and size options.
❎ The customer support is not the best.


Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

7. PHI VILLA XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

If you are ready to push your budget a bit higher, PHI VILLA XL will not disappoint you. Looking at the “XL” tag, you might think this is an oversized chair, and therefore it is not portable. Well, that is partially correct. Despite this zero gravity chair falling into the category of oversized zero gravity chairs, it is foldable, making transportation easy.

You can also guess from the name; the chair is heavily padded. The overall padding promises ultimate comfort for you while relaxing, due to the extra cushioning on offer. The chair is devoid of mesh-like most of the other zero gravity recliners. Instead, it uses the padding for the ultimate convenience.

The lockable reclining system lets you adjust the chair in your desired position. It uses a lock catch and not twisted knobs. So, you only need to pull the clip backward for locking it and vice versa for unlocking it. This zero gravity recliner also comes with a side tray to let you store things.

Overall, PHI VILLA boasts of several features and is exceptionally durable. Inarguably, it is one of the best zero gravity outdoor chairs right now. Its all-round features justify its price. Go and have a look at it; we are sure it will appeal to you instantly.


✅ Sturdy and robust.
✅ It is foldable. Thus transportation is easy.
✅ Entirely padded. Thus it is very relaxing.


❎ The height of the chair is not suitable for tall people.
❎ The anti-foldup component is missing.


FAQs – Zero Gravity Outdoor Chairs


Though the purpose of the zero-gravity outdoor chair is to experience weightlessness outdoors, it wouldn’t be wise leaving it outside for long. As you can understand, these chairs are tightened with screws, and continuous exposure to sunlight and rain will eventually make them develop rust. After using it, store it in a convenient place.


The work ability of outdoor zero-g chairs is no different from those you use indoors. Thus, it is not advisable to be in that position, as it will lock in place.


Of course, your life would be easier with a foldable zero-g lounge chair. You can conveniently carry it anywhere you prefer. So, go camping, enjoy the beach, or at a poolside.


Since these chairs are designated for outside use, you can be sure, these chairs would be very durable. However, according to reputed manufacturers, these chairs are weatherproof and not waterproof. These chairs have special powder-coated steel that inhibits it from reacting with moisture and resists rust development.

Likewise, the inclusion of UV-resistant breathable mesh makes it ideal for sunny climates. Nevertheless, continuous exposure to rain and sunlight will be detrimental to it.


When you plan to recline outdoors, you would consider certain additional accessories to make the experience even more fun-filled. Thus, look for chairs that include a side tray and cup holder, it will let you enjoy your drink in the reclining position. Similarly, the chair should have a canopy to protect you from the sun, and a headrest or pillow for additional comfort.


The best brands offer the support for reclining to its full capacity. These chairs promise to be portable, lightweight, and very comfortable. The reclining frame is specifically designed for accurate weight distribution that guarantees the best feeling of weightlessness. Thus, you can recline according to your preferences while watching a sporting event, camping, outdoor concerts, and much more.


After resting in the desirable position, or experiencing weightlessness for 15/20 minutes, you start reaping the health benefits. As you bring yourself back to the normal position, you can sit for a while and then return home conveniently.


Presently, a diverse range of zero-g outdoor chairs is available. Therefore, it should not take long for anyone in finding a chair that welcomes everyone who sits on it. Oversized people are no exception. Since these chairs are convenient for carrying, everyone can find solace sitting on this chair, that too enjoying the heavenly feeling of weightlessness.


As you can understand, the top manufacturers of zero-g outdoor chairs offer the guarantee of the chairs to last for more than 10 years. Still, it can be challenging to achieve the mark. Its life is mainly dependent on the way you use or sit in these chairs. So, some chairs may not last a full season, but with proper maintenance, it will serve you for a long period.