Do Zero Gravity Chairs really help in Back Pain?

Nagging back pain can be overwhelming. Despite all your sincere efforts, the stubborn back pain hardly shows any signs of receding. In such situations, most of us desperately search for remedies, without trying to identify the root cause leading to this pain.
If you reflect on your daily routine, determining the cause shouldn’t take too long. Imagine the number of hours you sit at the desktop daily, working, watching TV or playing games, and much more. Incorrect posture sows the seeds of such distressing pain. You must be aware; everyone is talking about zero-gravity chairs to work miraculously for relieving the back pain. So, does it truly help to alleviate back pain?


The aim of zero-gravity chairs is to minimize the gravitational force on the body that consequently minimizes pressure on the body. Several scientific studies are now supporting this theory. In the year, 2006, the Radiological Society of North America after conducting a study concluded, sitting in a reclined position can significantly lessen chronic back pain.

The feeling of weightlessness not only controls back pain, but it also enhances overall circulation and releases tension from the adjoining tissues. Thus, the zero-gravity chairs are highly recommended for anyone who spends long hours on a desk. Again, improper sleeping position can also trigger such back problems. Thus, the bottom line is incorporating
zero-gravity in your life; you are all set to get relief from the chronic pain.


The answer to the above question is a resounding “yes” most of the time. But, then each human being is different, accordingly, the pain will also vary. As you can understand, zero- gravity chairs will be costlier than the average chairs; you can try to figure out if you will reap the dividends after investing in one of these chairs.
For this, you need to lie on the floor and elevate your legs taking the support of a sofa at about a 100-120 degree angle. Within minutes, you should experience some relief from the back pain. You can be sure, it is that extra pressure contributing to the pain. Thus, it would be worthwhile investing in a zero-gravity chair in the long run.


All the zero-gravity chairs should provide you the much-needed relief. On your part, you need to check its reclining ability which will relieve the gravitational pressure from you. These zero-g chairs are available in various price ranges.
Your buying decision will depend on your requirements and of course the budget. It is advisable to go for a versatile chair, as it will offer the best value for your money. Furthermore, buying a versatile chair will make it convenient for you to use it in multiple ways. For example, it will have a flexible adjustable option to offer you the best level of comfort.


The ideal position to relieve back pain has different theories. However, recent studies indicate, a 135-degree body-thigh sitting posture as the best position. Previously, it was believed, the 90-degree angle to be the most appropriate position. Remember, the zero-g chairs can prevent back pain in the future.
For individuals, who are suffering from this pain owing to years of bad posture, will get some relief, but it may recur. Such people will require additional treatments along with the usage of the zero-g chairs.


The sheer ability of the zero-g chairs to make you feel weightless will make you relax. It is pure bliss when you recline in these chairs amid your busy work schedule. The zero-gravity chair not only helps you in regulating back pain, but it also offers a host of other benefits. So, investing in a zero-gravity chair is a decision which you will make you proud in the long run.