Use the Zero-Gravity Chair the Right Way

By now, most of us are conscious of the benefits of the zero-gravity chairs. Finally, you have purchased one suitable one as per your preferences. You can’t wait to experience the weightlessness feeling and overcome the long-term back pain or any other issues.

However, you must concentrate on setting it up and using it accurately. Else, the results you anticipate will remain elusive. Follow the instructions that follow hereafter, and familiarize them with the setting up and using techniques of the zero-gravity chairs.


After unpacking the chair, you should find it in a folded position. At first, check the locking mechanism. It should be under the front part of the armrest, in a downward position. If you find the locking mechanism is too tight, you can loosen the tension screw. The manual that comes along with the chair should have the troubleshooting guide in detail. Be sure, to read
it thoroughly before using it.

Once the preliminary investigation is over, grab the back frame and the frontal part of the armrest. Pull them away from each other. Consequently, you should notice the legs are opening up below. At this point, attempt pushing the armrests downwards till the chair becomes upright and the legs extend accurately.


Search for a couple of small holes right at the end of the straps. These holes should be there on either side. Make use of the bungee cord that comes in the box and thread it through the hole on one side. Do not forget to let go of the head of the bungee cord for facilitating the metal ends to rest flat against those two holes in the pillow.

Now, wrap the pillow with the cord at the sides of the back and thread the bungee through the remaining part of the pillow, in the same way, you started at first. Lastly, adjust the pillow in a convenient position to make you relax.

Cozzia Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Your zero-g chair is now ready for use. As you sit on the recliner, put your feet on the footrest bar. Now, smoothly push your legs keeping a firm grip on the armrests. As the chair starts reclining consider the angle that seems convenient, and lock it at that angle.

As mentioned earlier, you will find the locking mechanism under the armrests. It lets you lock the chair in any reclining position suitably. You need to lift those handles/tabs on either side and the zero-g chair will lock at that position.

Sometimes, despite locking the chair in a specific reclining position, it tends to slip back to the upright position. In normal circumstances, this should not happen. If you experience this regularly, you need to recheck the inside screw on each side of the armrests. Most probably, they are not tightened correctly. Once you tight them, the above problem should not recur.


After your reclining session is over, you will need to bring back the chair to the upright position. You can do so by unlocking the handles/tabs present on either side of the armrests. While pushing down the legs pull the armrests towards you. Within a few seconds, the chair should be in the upright position.


Present-day, zero-gravity recliners come with a lot of value-added features. For instance, cup holders, USB ports, and so on. Chances are, they will get dirty after regular use. Thus, you need to take the appropriate steps to ensure it remains sparkling clean. Here is how to do it.

Generally, most of these zero-g chairs are not made of leather for various reasons. Initially, it may seem, cleaning and maintenance are taxing, but it is surprisingly easy. Use your vacuum cleaner, preferably the suction attachment for cleaning it. Avoid using brush attachments, as they tend to stick on the fabric of the chair.

Remember to remove the pillow and collect the debris that often goes unnoticed. Next, you can also fill a steam cleaner with water, and after putting on the device let the water become warm. Maintain a safe distance from the zero-g chair and let the steam penetrate the surface of the fabric. You can also use a feather duster and wipe the chair after every use. Lastly, you can also use a fabric-protective spray to clean the fabric making it spotless.