• cliMatching Sofa - Red - 112832 - $1,699.99
Matching Loveseat - Red - 114609 - $1,699.99
Matching Recliner - Red - 167354 -  $999.99
Matching Sofa - Sleight - 112692 - $1,699.99
Matching Loveseat - Sleight - 114625 - $1,699.99
Matching Recliner - Sleight - 167919 - $999.99

112832 2 Pc Set includes Red or Sleight Power Reclining Sofa w/Adjustable Headrest & Loveseat w/Adjustable Headrest


so-mo_large.pngThe idea was simple: manufacture only reclining furniture and make it better than anyone ever had. All they needed was a name. One day while Guy Lipscomb (Co-founder) and his wife, Sandy, were shopping, they happened across a painting entitled "Southern Motion" by a Birmingham, Alabama, artist. The painting served not only as the inspiration for the company's name, it also embodies the spirit of the product to be manufactured-relaxed and comfortable furniture.  Furniture sales in Houston just got better.  A wonderful example of our Southern Motion Collections in Houston.  Sofa color is for illustration purposes only.  Accent pillows not included.

The 874 Collection by Southern Motion is available in the Texas City, Galveston, and Houston area by Metropolitan Furniture.